Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Camp Roger

Taylor left for five days of camp today.  First we have to say a huge thank you to Grandpa for taking the time to spend the morning with Tay and then drop her off at camp.  She was a little board at work with Gramps, but so excited to be off to camp that she barely even said goodbye.  Poor Grandpa was a little sad to see her go!
Taylor was meeting her cousin Greta and her friend Anna at camp.
Below is Tay and Greta in their cabin setting up their bunks.

Taylor was very excited to be in the same cabin as last year with her favorite camp counselor Emily. 
Taylor was so excited to arrive and start playing with her friends she even turned down Grandpa taking her to the camp store to go shopping!

We are going to miss her this week, but we are sure that she will have a great time.  Just to be sure she doesn't miss us too much we sent her little notes to read each day from us.  And Taylor was so sweet that she wrote us a little note to read each day from her too! 

If anyone would like to they can also email the campers at http://camproger.org/contact/email-your-camper, she is staying in the White Oak Cabin and will be there unit Saturday morning.

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