Friday, November 14, 2008


It has been a while since I have blogged! So here is a recap of some recent events and pictures.
Here is a shot of Jenna on her first time in the leaves! She wasn't so sure.
Taylor on the other hand was so excited for a leaf pile. She'd been begging for one ever since the leaves started changing colors.

Jenna has been supporting the Spartans!!! On her weekends hanging out with dad watching football.

Last night we went over to Brad's parents to try and get some shots of the girls in their Christmas dresses that Granny got. We were going to try because Tim and Jaime were home with baby Kirsten, so Dianne thought we could get all 5 grand kids together. Well, all of the plans fell through because Grace was sick...... So I just tried to get a few of my kids, who were too hyper to sit still. Here is the best shot of Tay (with a terrible back ground).

Jenna ran around outside and wouldn't stop or look at the camera.

I did catch one cute pic of Jenna where you can see her little dimple like dads.
Baby Kirsten wasn't really in the mood for pictures either. But I thought her little pouty face was adorable!

Better luck next time. We are going to try again with all 5 kiddo's. Hopefully Grace will be feeling better soon.