Monday, January 19, 2009

Winter Fun

I know it has been a while since I have blogged. I have been busy with the normal stuff and then also I HAD to finish reading the twilight series!!! Brad can't stand it when I am 'into' a book because all I want to do is read. Of course that is after the house is clean, kids are taken care of, laundry is done, etc. Anyway, with all the snow Taylor and I headed out to clear the driveway and play in the snow a little bit. Taylor is enjoying making snow angels, so we made several, but she was very disappointed that we were unable to make a snow man because the snow wasn't right. So instead we took a sand pail and made snow castles and made a fort!! All bundled up!

Our angles

Taylor got a hold of my camera and took tons of pictures. One of her many subjects was Jenna Bean. Here she is showing off her big "Cheese". Looking at these pictures I wonder two things...1) Can someone please teach that kids how to smile!! 2) Where is that kids mom? Have you seen her nasty nose? That is one thing that seems to be constant at our house, runny noses!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Day!

Here is Taylor first thing Christmas morning, and she is so excited about her new lunch box with her name on it. (Check out the beautiful hair!)

Taylor sitting next to Rocky Ruffy Woolman. Thank goodness she got the ONLY thing she wanted, her dog that swims and walks!

Cute little Jenna Raye! She was so excited for the gifts that Santa left.

Taylor over at Granny and Papa's opening more presents. She wore the super cute sweater that Aunt Danielle and Uncle Doug got her.

Brad and I, with Santa peering over us (kinda creepy!).

Jeff and Erika

Tim and Jaime

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve night we spent in Portland with Mimi and Papa. We had a fun night, despite having to leave early because of the nasty weather and icy roads. It took FOREVER to get home.

Me and Mom Taylor and Aunt Donna. Of course Tay stole Jenna's new babies from her.

The girls get Uncle Bryan!! Again in their PJ's ready to head home and wait for Santa to come.

December 23rd. Lance Family Christmas Party

On the 23rd we had our annual Lance Family Christmas Party. It is Great Granny's birthday so the family always gets together on this day.

Again we got to see Santa. Grace and Taylor were so excited. I couldn't get Jenna near sitting on his lap.
All of the Grandchildren!!!!

Taylor and Jenna getting ready to head home in their Christmas Jammies.

Okay, Seriously. No more pictures!