Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lakeport Camping trip 2009

This weekend we spent the weekend camping with our close friends the O'Mara's and the Gist. We had such a great time playing boccie ball, playing on the beach, cooking in the new dutch oven, and hanging out around the camp fire. We laughed until we about peed our pants, and can't wait to get this group together again.
Her are my girls when we hit the road, excited for another fun family camping vacation! Oops, we had a little trouble setting up. The hitch on the camper is a little finicky and when the girls and I came back from the park we found out the Brad ran over the fire pit with his truck! Good thing it was the only one in the park NOT filled with cement! So we got a nice new shiny one.

Camp O'Mara
Camp Woolman

Daddy and Jenna going for a walk.

More daddy and Jen sitting around the camp fire.

Camp Gist. The kids and Lola all watched/helped Katie make blueberry cobbler!

Brian and Tim starting out the evening cooking with Tim and Rachel's new camping accessory.

Oops, again! Some one was re-arranging logs in the fire and down went the blueberry cobbler. We were lucky enough to save just enough for us all to still have a bite! It was just minus a few blueberries!

Play ground fun.

Taylor was able to make it all the across the monkey bars by herself, but I couldn't catch it on camera. Then her and Blake figured out how to get up on top after watching some older kids at the park.

Finally, water balloons! The kids first adventure with water balloons. They didn't know what to do. Jenna was the first one to pop all hers, mostly because she fell on them! Blake tried to save his and hide them in the truck to bring home.

Our next trip is to Tahquamenon Falls in a couple weeks. I can't wait.

Summer Fun

Just relaxing by the pool. We are trying to steal as much time as we can by the pool, but we have been so busy with our camping trips and working like crazy in between! Jenna is all over the place, she is not allowed near the pool without floaties. She wants to be like big sissy and keep trying to get in without them!

My beautiful girls!
Taylor is learning to swim without arm floats, we are slowly coming along.