Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Traverse City

We had a great vacation in Traverse City this past week. Now we are back to our regular schedule, and getting ready to adjust to another new schedule. I have started a new job this week as a shift manager for L&D and PP. So I have been working in this role for only 2 days but I already LOVE it. I think it is going to be a great change for the better career wise.

Now I have finally found a few minutes to it down and blog as well as edit a few family pictures, all while enjoying a nice glass of wine ( or 2)!!

Beautiful sunset on the beach at the state park in Traverse. We watched the sun set as we took family pictures!

Sleeping Bear Dunes

The kiddos on our last night in Traverse. Taylor, Bryce, Blake and Jenna
My girls with their attitudes! It is so hard to get good pictures of these too goofs! My Family :)
Taylor and Brad on the Lake Michigan look out from on top of the dunes. It was so beautiful, and HOT.
The kids after they climbed the dune. Notice Taylors missing right bottom front tooth. She lost her first tooth right before we left for the dunes! And the next one will be coming out any moment. She will be starting first grade with no bottom teeth!

Again another great camping trip with the O'Mara's. We are sad to see summer start winding down. I can't believe how soon school will start and Tay will be be in first grade and Jenna will start pre-school!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Jenna!

Happy Birthday my little Bean. I can't believe that you are three already, where did the time go?
Daddy and Jen with her rose.
Having fun at her party, trying the hula hoop, every one tried including the adults.
Suddenly 3 and we have the starting of some attitude to prove it! ugh oh, I am not sure what to do with 2 drama queens!

Presents, presents, presents! Thank you so much for all of her special gifts. They were all prefect!

Jenna's special cake from Granny. It is a swimming pool on top with bears floating on rafts.

Showing off in her new Barbie Jeep. She has been waking up and wanting a ride so yesterday she was out in her PJ's riding while daddy was doing yard work. But as you can see she would rather be chauffeured around, Thanks Bryce!

We love you sooooo much Jenna. Keep being as sweet as you always are! LOVE YOU