Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Fun

We had such a fun day. We started this morning by picking up our niece Kirsten who is in town for the weekend and we took all of the kids to the zoo! Brad and his girls!

Okay yes, I bought them all matching outfits to wear! (I blame it on my BFF Rachel, her kids are always matchey or at least coordinated)

Me and the girls. I really had a great time spending time with all the girls and a little extra bonding time with Kirsten!

After the Zoo we were so hot we headed back to the pool, and had Rachel and Max over too!

Taylor and Granny had some fun relaxing time together... I am sure Tay really just talked her ear off the whole time!

Taylor has really become a little fish. She is swimming all over the place, jumping off the diving board and starting to learn how to dive. She even helped Kirsten swim a little.

And we ended the evening with a visit from Grace and Lance. All the kids swam and played, and ate, and had pictures and then ended with some special ice cream treats! I love it that all the cousins are such close friends.

And finally I am home and the kids are in bed!! I had such an amazing day and ended it with a sleep over from cute little Kirsten. I am so excited at being able to spend some good time with her this weekend. We just live too far, and I needed to spoil her just a bit, just like my favorite Aunt's always did for me!

Woolman Kids

Tonight, once again, we tried to get all 5 Woolman Grand Kids together for some pictures in the outfits Granny got them. We had a lot of fun, but man is it hard to get 5 kids to stop moving and give cute smiles.
Cute Jenna.
Jenna, Taylor, Lance, Grace and Kirsten These 3 always have cute pictures. Grace is so beautiful!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Elk Rapids

Our home for our short visit at Honcho Rest. Thanks Don for a fun weekend, we can't wait until next year! All the girls... Aubrey, Lydia, Autumn, Taylor, Grace and Jenna.
Beamer and Woolman Girls. I love this picture (and this beach).

Striking a pose!
Happy 4th of July. Pancake breakfast. Jenna headed off for a swim.

Jenna found a pine cone on the beach as all the other kids picked up shells. Another fun weekend of camping down! I can't believe it is July already, where is summer going?