Sunday, June 27, 2010

Catching Up

Okay, Here is my quick attempt to post some updated pictures of the past month! A couple weeks ago we rescued a baby bunny from the dogs in the back yard! It was super cute, but the girls wanted to keep it. So we played for a few minutes before we let him go outside our fence. Then to our camping trips:
Here is Jenna in Lake Port taking baby Max for a stroller ride! She really tries to be a big girl.

Cute Max. I do have to say he is looking quite different this summer as his hair keeps getting lighter and lighter. Sorry Rach, its true.

A bunch of mess kids! We had a fun trip with the O'Mara's and Grove's.

Here is quick peak at Camp O'Mara / Woolman. It looks like a zoo with all the chairs, bikes and toys!

Our new camper this year. We LOVE it! And of course the dogs love it too, because they now can camp with us everywhere we go!

Granny got the girls some cute new PJ's. They were so excited for me to take their pictures, can't you tell.

And Taylor's last day of school as a kindergartner! My baby is officially a first grader. Awwww

But after her last day of school we picked her up and headed down to OH to meet Tim, Jaime and Kirsten half way for another camping trip.
Jenna and Kirsten on the beach. Even though Kirsten is a year younger she is nearly as tall as Jen already.

Grace and Taylor at the pool. It was so hot we were grateful for the Lodge where Gary and Dianne stayed. It had a huge nice pool, kiddie pool and even better, an outside bar!

Daddy and Jen taking a rest.

The pool at the Lodge.

A view of the lake from the Lodge. It really was a beautiful state park. Even had a golf course for the guys, except the bugs were so bad that week they could barely even stand to golf.

Taylor drying off after a swim.

And finally, my new obsession of the week. Hair bows. I have been meaning to try this since I saw them at a mom to mom sale last year. I love them, not sure why I didn't make these sooner. Of course Brad is making fun of my 'project of the week'. I am always trying something new!

After a rainy day I decided why not let the girls dance in the rain for a bit. Actually, this raining Sunday was a great relaxing day. We are so busy this summer, gone every weekend, so we rested up for our next trip up north for the 4th!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Camping Trip

We had a great trip with the O'Mara's to Groveland Oaks this past weekend. We couldn't have asked for nicer weather. Cute little Max even had fun despite not feeling well. Silly little Jenna! I had to take her picture too!
The kids were so excited for the ice cream truck, I think the adults were too!

Jenna had a huge popsicle. And the other kids made a nice mess of their ice cream treats. But we let them splurge since we were deep frying pickles, mushrooms, broccoli, fish and fries for us! Rachel and I should let the guys cook more often.

Super cute Bryce snuck in a picture too!

We have already had so much fun camping in our new camper and the summer is only just starting!