Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wonderful weekend in Muskegon

This past weekend we took our first camping trip to Duck Creek Resort. It was wonderful, beautiful camping- minus the dirt! The campground had a nice pool, and we had beautiful weather to go with it.

Brad and Tay in the pool.

 One side of the pool was a shallow kid pool and the other side was deeper and there was also a hot tub attached. The best part was all of the lounge chairs, and our first day there Rachel and I were lucky enough to have all the kids leave with their dad's and we were able to have some adult girl time in the sun.
 Saturday we went to Duck Lake State Park. We were able to sit on the beach all day overlooking Lake Michigan. There was a shallow little canal that the kids could play in, sand dunes they could climb and fun waves in Lake Michigan too.

We were also lucky to have Grandpa and Grandma come meet us for the day. The girls were exhausted by the end of this day on the beach. Tay had some cuddle time with Grandpa.

The kids all climbed the dunes several times. I have no idea how because the sand was so hot it burnt my feet. But we did get some good pictures.

Our family on the dune.

Sunday we headed down to Grand Haven for the day. The kids still enjoyed every minute of the beach.

Silly girls, I couldn't get a serious pose all day!

We walked out the the pier and got to watch a ton of boats. What a great vacation with the O'Mara's.

The kids were all over the place, trying to look over the edge so we made them hold hands. Later when we walked back down we were watching all kids of people jump off the pier so we let them try too! I had to be the first one in to test the water and the depth!

After the beach we went downtown to try and find somewhere to eat. Along the way the girls stopped to add their name to the chalk board.

Of all the choices of places to eat we choose a small little restaurant overlooking the channel so we could watch the boats. What a great family vacation. I can't wait to go back.

Rachie and Jenna behond our camper. We had so much nice grassy play area around us.

Monday we went to Michigan's Adventure. It was Jenna, Brad's and the O'Mara's first time. We had a blast. Our first stop was the whale ride! Jenna LOVED it.

The monsters after riding their first rollar coaster, the Big Dipper!

Again they are all silly. Giving the peace sign.
After a long day at the park- tons of rides and water slides we stopped for ice cream.

Good bye Snoopy.

Blake, Max and Bryce.

Such a long exciting weekend. Jenna crashed out on the way home (with Lulu).

For some reason this picture was out of order, but Rachel was Tay's buddy this weekend and everyday they liked to plan what they were going to wear that was the same or similar. So they had jean shorts, tank tops, brades and hats.

This will be a hard trip to top.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Horseback Riding

Last weekend Grandpa and Grandma took the girls horseback riding for their first time. Taylor has been wanting to go for quite some time now. We all know how much Taylor loves animals, and now she is begging Grandpa to get some horses. Below is a picture of Gramp's and his girls. 

 Some babies.
 Jenna rode with Grandpa.
 And Taylor got to ride by herself. Grandma was in the back and the picture taker! They rode through the woods.
 Through the water.

What a great time. They girls can't wait until next time.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wedding Pics and a few others

Not sure when these were taken, but some cute pictures of the girls.

 Josh and Kelsey were married last Saturday and my girls had the pleasure of being their flower girls. They were so pretty and did a great job.

 Taylor and Jenna with Uncle Denny.
 The little girls and the groomsmen.
 The groom.
 Kaelyn and the girls. Kaelyn is one of the girls favorite cousins! And they sure let her know it. They hang on her every chance they get, especially Jenna.
 Hard at work. Jenna was all smiles while Taylor took her job very seriously.

 Daddy and Tay.
 Mimi and her girls after the ceremony waiting outside in the 90 degree heat to blow bubbles.
 Mom and Jen.
 Baby Claire being snuggled by her Great Aunt Annette.
 Jenna the drama queen. Laying in the grass waiting for pictures.
 Bryan and Donna. Even though Claire isn't happy about the photo op, mom and dad still look great!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 4th Weekend in Elk Rapids

Over the 4th we took a trip to Elk Rapids. This is the second year we have went up for the 4th and we love it! We spend every day on the beach. Jenna and Lydia on Lake Michigan.

Taylor and Grace floating on their rafts.

Most of the kids in the pool at the camp site. At times it was crazy, but the kids all had a blast together. Woolman girls, Beamer girls, Smith girls, Bells, Wallbergs and Linsley's!
Team Davison getting ready for the Olympics. Watch out next year we are ready!
Brad and Tay starting the pizza box race.
Dave and Jenni preparing to start the sack races.
Dave got the win for largest bubble, with a measurement of 6 inches.

Tug of war. The other teams thought we had an advantage with too many men, but we got our butt kicked, it might have been the 4 little girls.

Sunday night we took the kids to Shanty Creek to enjoy the fireworks. Before the fireworks the girls played in the jump houses, danced to live music and enjoyed a BBQ.  Tay and Grace on the top of the bounce house slide. All of the kids LOVED the fireworks, we were so close, they were right above us.
After the beach on the 4th Jenni and I took the girls for ice cream in town. What a cute group of girls!
While the guys golfed us girls made dinner and started a fire for the kids. We had smores and did sparklers at the camp on the 4th.

Gus, Jenna, Autumn and Colton waiting for smores.

We just love Honcho Rest and look forward to spending a lot more time there if we can! Thank you for everything last weekend. Even the unexpected repair help.