Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Pics

Merry Christmas Taylor and Jenna.
Here are a few pictures from Christmas Day with the girls. I don't have a ton of good pictures because I got a new little video camera and I did mostly video.

Taylor got a new big bike! It looks as big as her in the picture, but by spring she will be riding away on the 20inch bike, a big difference from starting last year on the little 12 inch bike.

Jenna was all smiles for the camera, and here are a few pics just for fun. Both girls loved the new playhouse, it is sooo cute!

Jenna showing off her new toothbrush.

Granny and Papa came over and brought us some sticky buns, yummm!

And Christmas night we headed over to Granny and Papa's to celebrate with the rest of the family. Lance looked so cute in his new sweatshirt, and I don't think he ever put down his flashlight!
Taylor and Grace showed off their new princess dresses. Thank you Aunt Jaime!

I finally had a little cuddle time with Kirsten.

Tay in her new PJ's getting ready to head home.

Me and Grace and Lance.
We had a great Christmas, though it would have been nice to have snow instead of rain! We got several great gifts and enjoyed all of our family time.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Its almost Christmas

On Thursday after work we took the girls to see Santa at great lakes crossing. Here is Tay waiting to see Santa. Jenna waiting in line, finishing her snacks.
Playing in the snow.

And then on Saturday we had the Maier family Christmas. I didn't really take many pictures, but I did manage to get one of Jenna's super cute dress.

After the Maier party the girls and I came home and worked on a gingerbread house. Again Jenna enjoyed a lot of the candy.

Her is a picture of Taylor with the house that her and dad made at school this week during her Christmas party. This year we have learned our lesson from last year..... keep the houses up high where the dogs cannot reach them!!

Then, on Sunday we took a drive over to Mike and Lindsey's for Christmas with my dad. We had a great time, but I do wish it wasn't Sunday because we had to leave early to get the kids home and ready for school bright and early tomorrow.

Dad with the girls! One of the best pictures of Jenna that we have had in a while!

Jenna loved the presents. She is just figuring out this Christmas theme.... getting presents everywhere she goes. When we were done she went Mike and Lindsey's tree and asked for more presents, if we weren't right there I think she would have unwrapped everything!

Taylor and Jenna got a tent with a tunnel from Mike and Lindsey. This was a hit with the whole party. We had a great time with the Wiltshire's, Congrats Andy on the new job. We can't wait to come visit you in TN!

Big girl Jenna, she is doing so good on the potty. Grandma and Grandpa bought her her first big girl undies and she loved them. Finally before bed I had to make her put a diaper under them.

We ended the weekend with some clean girls, right out of the bath in their new robes and matching PJ's.

Jenna continued to make all kinds of silly faces so this was the best shot (and she had to have her baby in the picture).

Of course they don't sit still for a second!

Another busy week awaits us. Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cookie Fun or Mess

Last night Jill and I decided to get the girls together to make Christmas cookies. We had a blast and so did the kids.
Kendall and Jenna were being a little crazy, lets say Kendall's pants fell off! Right! Funny faces.
Chocolate covered pretzels. Jenna had to sample a little of everything.

Which cookie do I do next.....

Sweet Kendall

Jenna admiring her cookie she just finished. Notice the red frosting around her lips. It went like this. A little frosting for the cookie, a little frosting for Jenna, and so on and on for everything she made.

Lots of sprinkles were used and lots of sprinkles were cleaned off the floor.

We had such a good time., we can't wait until next time.
P.S. Next messy project will be at the Croteau household!!! HAHAha

O'Mara/Woolman Christmas

Last Saturday we had our annual O'Mara/ Woolman Christmas party the night before Bryce's birthday party. We had such a great time. The kids were great, and we even started to plan our camping trips for next year!
Sweet Baby Max! Jenna enjoyed some cuddle time with Tim.
Cheese Jenna. Jenna is showing off her tea cup to her new tea party mat.

Taylor and her new horse Angel. Now if we can keep Jenna off the horse we will be good!

Blake and Bryce showing off their cool new Nerf guns!

All the kiddos. Are Blake and Jen related? They have the same smile.

This is just the beginning of the Christmas party's.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Nancy

The whole Miller/Wiltshire clan got together for a night out for Nancy/Mom/Grandma's birthday celebration. We surprised Nancy with all of us showing up at her house in a limo to take her out to a fancy family dinner.
The Grill at the 1913 room.
The BEST fillet ever! It melts in your mouth.
Sadie and Nancy in the limo.
Andy, Lindsey and Mike

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanks Jackie!

I was trying to get some cute pictures of the girls in their new tutu's, but ended up with mostly silly pictures! Thanks Jackie so much for these super cute tutu's. Jenna kept saying she was a princess!