Friday, April 30, 2010

Cocoa Beach

Yesterday we took a short drive over to Cocoa Beach and had a wonderful time. We are actually thinking about going back today. I can't believe that today is our last full day :(
The girls had a great time on the beach just running and playing. It was a nice change from sitting in the stroller and waiting in lines!
Jenna testing out the waters with dad.
Taylor on a shell hunt.

Out for a walk.

This is kinda far away, but Taylor is soaked.... this is right after a wave took her down. It scared her despite the water only at our knees! Jenna on the other had kept trying to get down in the water telling me she didn't need any help. (The waves were well over her head!) She has come to love the water this year and has no fear. In the pool at the hotel she REALLY thinks she can swim and doesn't need swimmies. She doesn't even care if she goes under. Taylor is working hard at becoming a better/stronger swimmer too.

See you all soon, we have sooo many pictures to share.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Animal Kingdom

So, I am making up for some lost time... after not blogging for so long I am sharing each step of our trip with you. We are having such a good time. We are sad to say our time is almost over. But since I do have time at night I am trying to blog now, because I know when we return home I will never have time.

Today we visited Animal Kingdom (after some debate this morning). We were unsure of which park to visit today, but I think we made a good choice. We really liked AK.

Here is a picture of Brad and the girls. Behind him is where the monkeys were playing. Jenna was asking all day to see some monkeys! The girls and I in front of the tree of life. It is a huge tree with several carvings of all different animals.

We watched a show, It's tough to be a bug, we saw Nemo, a musical, (Brad says he has no desire to ever see another musical!) and rode a few rides. He is a picture of the roller coaster Taylor went on twice. Now... she has been on several rides and small coasters at Michigan Adventure and Magic Kingdom, but this was her first REAL one. And after riding twice (once with me and once with Brad) she had enough. She was clinging to me at the end.

We stopped for a snack in shade!

FINALLY, we found a ride for Jenna. She was excited for once she didn't have to sit this one out. (I still did though, I am not a fan of spinning rides)

And then on the way out we stopped in the bone yard at the play scape to let the kids run and play for a bit.

We have had such a good time exploring all the parks we really wish we had more time (and money) to keep going! I already know I am going to want to come back and see more. Plus I love the weather. I don't feel like I am getting much of a tan though!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Magic Kingdom

We spent a very long day at Magic Kingdom yesterday. We arrived to the park at 7:45 am for a Princess Breakfast and left at 10:30 after fireworks. We had such a fun day.
The first princess we got to meet was Snow White, and she was Jenna's favorite. Each princess came to our table and individually greeted each girl and stayed for pictures and autographs.

This was definitely worth the money for the girls experience! Snow White and Sleeping Beauty both gave Jenna lots of kisses, leaving them on her forehead!

Taylor looked so pretty in her Belle dress. I think the girls had the best dresses there! (Thanks Aunt Jaime)

Jenna posing for me while daddy and Tay were on space mountain. We didn't think Tay was tall enough, but it turns out she is 45 inches and was able to ride all the coasters. And she had so much fun. SHe couldn't wait to take me on them next. The Fast Passes and Speed passes worked great we barely waited in any lines.

Our one long wait was to see Mickey and Minnie.

We stole a few quiet minutes in the shade after letting the girls pick a prize with their gift cards from Mimi. Jenna also got a new shirt. She made a mess early in the day (Don't let your kid wear a white tank top and eat chocolate ice cream!).

Getting ready for spectromagic parade at night. It was a long day, but we had a great time with the girls. We are taking a relaxing day at the resort today and then to Animal Kingdom tomorrow!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Welcome to Disney

We started our day way to early, 6:30am. So by the time we watched a few tunes and had breakfast we were still nearly the first ones at the pool. So we visited a few pool and the beach.

Outside the Lego store. (Jenna still crabby after falling asleep in the car on the way there).

Outside the Disney store, Little miss Hollywood!

Jenna's first excitement of the day, Mickey and Minnie!

We spent the afternoon at Downtown Disney.

The girls took a mini-train ride. Notice big sister Taylor has her arm around her little sissy!

We had an early dinner at T-Rex. Jenna was a little nervous at first, but had fun once we were there.

Then we came home and took a bike ride around our resort... It was A LOT more work than you think. 30 minutes and we were done!

A quick boat ride across the lake and we headed home for an early night. Tomorrow is the big day, bright and early, at Magic Kingdom.