Sunday, March 15, 2009

What a fun day!!!

What a fun day. It was beautiful outside. We were able to play outside, ride bikes and play on the swing set. The girls both posed for a couple pics. Here is Jenna when she first got outside. After the picture she fell in the mud several times, took a nose drive off the slide and gave herself a bloody nose, and then after her bath tonight she ran into the door frame to her room, and ended the night with a nice black and blue goose egg on her head!

AND then.... we went to look at a camper. I am pretty excited. It is used and definitely has some wear and tear. But I think it will be a perfect way for us to camp. We had found some this weekend that were just awesome, but we really didn't need to spend that kind of money. So if things work out we will be bringing this one home sometime this week. So I snuck a few pics while we were there.

It has a nice awning.

And it has a slide out. Which is way nice because it will give us a little extra room on the inside for the kids to move around a bit. It makes it a nice way to keep a pack-n-play still set up for Jen.

In the slide out is the dinette. Also can be a bed.

One side has a queen bed.

And the other has a sitting area and a king bed.

I am sure you can tell that I am excited. I am ready to book a trip, and have already thought about where to put things, and how to set things up!!! We are ready to be camping fools this summer. Anyone who wants to join us just let us know, and pick a location!!!!