Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ski Trip

Last weekend we took the girls to Tree Tops to go skiing. This was Jenna's first trip and Taylor's second. Here is a picture pre-skiing. Jenna was a little whiny at first about how the boots felt, but as soon as we got out there in the snow she loved it.

Taylor getting her boots and ski's fitted.

Here we go. We joined Uncle Denny and Aunt Karen on the slopes.

It took Jenna a minute to figure out how to walk and turn so Uncle Denny was very helpful, especially since this was only my second time on ski's too!

Taylor remembered what to do very quickly. After only two trips up the tow rope with Aunt Karen she was ready for the chair lift. If you look close you can see her pink helmet in the chair to the bottom left. Denny and Karen were brave enough to take her and teach her to ski down the big hill.

I was able to take Jenna to the top of the bunny hill via the tow rope and help her ski down between my ski's. When we got 50 feet or so from the bottom I would let her go the rest of the way herself and Brad would catch her on the bottom.

Taylor did great. She did have a few falls where ski's went flying but she just laughed got right back up and went again. She went as long as we let her until she was so tired she could barely stand. Again, huge thanks to Uncle Denny and Aunt Karen who can keep up with her. I am far to cautious to go down as fast as her!

Family picture at the end of our skiing. Off to the tubing hill we go!

The best part is that Jenna used Brad as her personal chair lift. She would yell for her 'daddy chairlift' and he would carry her up the hill and then she would come down alone!
We had a great trip. Followed with a fun Lions game in the hotel lobby that we took over by rearranging furniture, ordering pizza and bringing our coolers. The girls had fun in the outdoor hot tub, pool and sauna too. We ended each night exhausted and we are excited for next year. Taylor is contemplating trying snowboarding next year!


On December 23rd we celebrated Christmas with Mimi and Papa and then we packed up and headed to Tennessee to spend the holiday with Uncle Timmy, Aunt Jaime and Kirsten.

Jenna patiently waiting to open her first present at Mimi and Papa's.
Taylor got a new suit case from Mimi and Papa, she loved it so much she packed it right up!

Taylor and Claire playing in their PJ's before bed.

We arrived in Tennessee Christmas Eve afternoon and the girls got dressed and had fun dancing around and singing Christmas carols.

 Jenna and Kirsten.

Kirsten, Jenna and Taylor. It was tough to get three girls to stop moving long enough to get a picture.

Taylor, me and Kirsten.

Kirsten always has a nice pose for the camera!

Later that night Santa came to say hi. Taylor just loves Santa. It was so cute to see how excited she was for Christmas this year. Though Santa scared her at Uncle Timmy's by coming in the back door and she ran around the corner to get a drink and he was standing there and took her by complete surprise.

Gary and Dianne also joined us in TN for Christmas. Here is a picture of all of us Christmas Eve night.

Poor Jenna was sick Christmas morning and was not very excited. Finally by the night she was able to open some presents and enjoy her time with the family. Here is Jenna with her new Jeep for her American Girl, Julie.

Taylor loves horses and she got a stable and a horse to play with. Thank you Granny and Papa she loved it.

Playing with Papa.

After Christmas we took a trip into Pigeon Forge and went to the Dixie Stampede. The girls all had a great time. It was a fun Christmas Horse show with great food. It was interesting for all of us to eat all of our food with no silverware, even soup!
Waiting for the show to start. Taylor was especially excited to see the horses.

I was not very good at getting many family pictures this year. Before we headed to TN we also spent the night at Grandpa and Grandma's to celebrate Christmas. They spoiled us with good food, fun family time, frosting cookies and gifts. The girls were very lucky and they got a slide for their new swing set that we will be building in the spring. Or maybe we'll start soon with all this nice weather!!!

Overall, we had a great Christmas. We spent a lot of time with our family and friends, though at times it is hard because of all the family we try to fit into such a short time.

It was a very busy year. Taylor is in second grade and she plays as may sports as she can. So we are running around all the time. Especially Brad since he is coaching her! This year she has played soccer (indoor and outdoor), golf, basketball and next spring she wants to try tennis and softball too! Jenna is in preschool, but she gets to ride the bus with sissy every morning. She loves school and loves to learn. This year she also was able to do gymnastics, soccer and last week she started dance. Jenna really wants to be a cheerleader too!! Brad is trying to steer her away from that, so who knows where she'll find her love!! We are looking forward to another busy year. As I have moved back to first shift we are adjusting to new schedules for all of us.

December 2011

Brad took the girls to a Christmas brunch at Atlas Valley Country Club with the O'Mara family. The girls had a great time having breakfast with our friends and seeing Santa.

Brad and his girls. I was in Chicago when Brad took the girls to see Santa and they had a great time with their dad.

Taylor and Grace at the Woolman Christmas.

Jenna, Lance, Grace and Taylor. It was so cute that they all ended up wearing matching clothes! Such great cousins.

Taylor and Jenna in front of our tree. Showing off their goofy selves.

Thank you Mimi for their super cute Christmas dresses!

In December we also had a great time celebrating Mimi's retirement. We joined the family for a surprise dinner to celebrate. Jenna took many pictures for me but unfortunately, none of them were bog worthy! But of course she managed to get a cute one of herself.

Me, Bryan, mom, Taylor and Grandma. We really had a great time with the family.

Laurie, mom, Steve, Theresa, Sue, Steve and Grandma.

We had a great time celebrating my mom's retirement. We all had a good time together. Congratulations mom. I want you to know that we really appreciate all of your help in the past month since your retirement. Our whole family really likes spending more time with you and you truly have saved my sanity with all your help!! 

November 2011

November was very exciting. Bryan graduated from the Policy Academy! Yay for him. Little brother is now a real police man. He is doing great and is really enjoying his work. Here are some pictures from his graduation.
Bryan, Donna and Claire

Bryan and dad

Bryan, Jenna and mom
After the graduation we took the kids to silver bells at the capitol for the parade, lighting of the tree and a tour of the capitol. The girls had so much fun!

Bryan, Donna and Claire joined us for a tour of the capitol. You can see behind Bryan he was carrying the girls coats for us and somewhere he dropped Jenna's and we had to go back and find it. Now we can look at the pictures and laugh because we can see right where he dropped it. ( Note the pink coat behind him on the floor!)

Fall/ Halloween 2011

Jenna had fun playing in the leaves!

Taylor's last soccer game of the fall season was freezing! We have a great team and we are looking forward to the spring.

Grandpa and Grandma came over to carve pumpkins and go trunk or treating! Grandpa's working hard.

Taylor brought her friend Anna to trunk or treat with us.

Taylor was a black cat and she is showing off her cat pumpkin!