Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Day at the Park

What a busy day. We went to the park after school and played on the play ground, went for a walk and then for a bike ride. And the whole time I got to play photographer! Here you can almost see Jenna's rug burn on her head. Appartently she did a head dive at school this week.
Taylor found a butterfly in the flowers and almost got close enough to touch it.

And I just think Jenna has cute little feet, so I included this picture for fun! Finally, of course we had to try out every slide in the park!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Playing with my new toy

Here are a few pictures that I have been playing around with today. First Happy Jenna.Tay and Jenna posing for a picture.
Now mad Jenna. NO more pictures mom. This is how she is starting to throw her tantrums, putting her head to the side!
And Taylor in the fire truck today. You'll notice her sticker that she refused to take off her shirt!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

New Camera

Here are a couple shots of the girls. I am trying to learn how to use my new camera. But Taylor is always available to help me! Hopefully my pictures will continue to look better!!

Memorial Cookout

We enjoyed a nice night out with a bunch of our friends and family. We had a cookout and campfire and lots of kids running around! Lance is a happy boy in the swing. Taylor always enjoys showing off for the camera.
The Beamers came over too and Taylor was caught introducing Grace Beamer to Grace Woolman. She made them shake hands. (Too bad I didn't get that on camera.)
Bryce loves baby Jenna. But he has to share her with his mom!
Erika, Rachel and I. I'm trying to not look so short here!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Busy Night

A very special thank you to Aunt Erika for coming over to babysit so mom could get the yard work done before our cookout tomorrow. But then after dinner the girls went outside to play. Next thing we know...... The girls have no pants on......... These two are monsters together. So then we came in and went right to the bath. I couldn't catch them together in their princess jammies. But Grace was nice and cute posing for the camera.

And here are the good kids. Lance and Jenna. Enjoyed playing inside nice and quietly while Erika and I cleaned up.

Go Tigers!

Taylor's first Tigers game!!! Dad and Tay had a date and spent the whole day together at Comerica Park. She rode the Baseballs.

She got lots of new prizes. She has dad wrapped right around her little finger. Here is her and dad in her new sweatshirt!

And finally got to ride the tiger carousel that she'd been waiting for. What a cute picture.

Taylor had such a good day, Brad could hardly get her to leave the park!

Jenna or Chase

Taylor likes to pretend that Jenna is her puppy. Now that she can crawl she can 'fetch' whatever Tay throws for her. Well now I think she is beginning to think she's a dog.
Jenna likes the dog bowl. So much that she learned how to put it on like a hat.
Big Sis is helping her keep it on for a quick picture!
And now she thinks she should just eat like Chase too.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wedding Bells

Congrats Tony and Rachelle. Happy Wedding Day. Have a great trip!
We enjoyed at night out with the newly weds to celebrate before they leave for Mexico.
Here are a pictures of the honorary Wedding Party!

Rachelle, Katie and I.
Brad, Tony, and Brian.

Of course, while we were out, the girls were home with Kimmie. And before we left Taylor was getting ready, purse and all, because she wanted to go out and celebrate with Rachelle and Tony. (Those were her exact words!)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Another Rainy Day

This past weekend Taylor decided she wanted to play in the rain. Here are the girls before Tay headed outside. Jenna is so big she can stand next to sis.

Helping dad trying the get the deck finished come rain or shine. Making progress, we now have stairs.

And here is the great singing Taylor. She asked me last week if she can take singing classes, and this is how she walks around the house now. Always singing new songs. So as dad was working on the deck she pretended it was her stage and she sang for him. It's quite funny really. Too bad she sounds just like her mom!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Hyper Kids

Tonight Rachel and I took the kids to McDonald's for dinner and to play, in hopes that the monsters would burn off a little energy. It was only the first rainy day and they were acting like they have been couped up for a week! They were so loud and obnoxious for a three and four year old( Blake and Tay). Jenna and Bryce were very good.

Later at home Taylor had to get a few pictures taken of herself because I was taking some of Jenna. She really is trying to learn to write her ABC's with the help of a toy she got from Granny for Christmas! All this learning though still doesn't keep her from making a disaster of a mess on a nightly basis!

This is Jenna trapped in the excersaucer so I can get a few things done. She looks happy here, but not for long. Now that she is on the move she doesn't like to be tied down for long!! And she is into everything.

Jenna Bean on the move.