Sunday, February 27, 2011


Today we celebrated Mike and Lindsey's ( my step-brother and his wife) first babies with a 'meet the babies' Baby Shower. They recently had twins, a boy and a girl, so we celebrated with a pink and blue shower. Great food, fun desserts and some fun family time.
The girls were the first ones to hold the babies. The minute they walked in the door. Taylor is holding Blaine Michael and Jenna is holding Tessa Brook. They are four weeks old and about 7 lbs now. They seem small to us, but they were born a short month ago at just over 5 lbs. So sweet and tiny.
The girls passed out the presents to Mike and Lindsey to open. Mike got all of Blaine's and Lindsey got all of Tessa's to open.

And of course I had some baby snuggle time too! Me and Blaine.
Baby Tessa and me!
Overall it was a great shower. We all had a very nice time and it was very exciting to meet the newest Wiltshires for the first time. Thanks Mike and Lindsey for sharing those sweet babies with us for the day.
Oh yeah, and the girls also were very excited to see Boots (Taylor even took some pictures of him) Grandma and Grandpa's kitty cat! Booter Man is one the main reasons the girls are always excited to go play with Gram and Gramps! We spent last night with them and I could still barely get the girls in the car today, they wanted to stay.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Winter Fun

A little update on some of the fun things we have done this winter. At the end of January we took the kids and went with the O'Mara's to splash village in Frankenmuth for a day at the water park for their Christmas present to each other. The kids had a great time. Tay and Blake were so big running all over and going down the water slides millions of times! Waiting for the 'big bucket' to fall.

Little Bean had a great time too. She even snuck up to the top of the tower and came down the water slide by herself one time... it was quite funny, she started out on her but and spun around and over and ended up coming down face first on her belly. She thought it was so funny!
We are meeting Uncle Tim, Aunt Jaime and Kirsten at Great Wolf in April, the kids can't wait.
Snow Day. We got 10 inches in one day. It was so deep Jenna couldn't even walk in the snow, but we got two snow days out of that storm.

Jen tried out the Barbie Jeep but it didn't make it far. I guess we need some chains on those tires.

Brad and I joined Tim and Rachel out for Tim's birthday. We met at the melting pot, after a treacherous drive, for the BEST dinner. It was a great night with our best friends.

This weekend we took the girls ice skating at the Dipzinski's ice rink. We had so much fun. Taylor did great and took right off. Tay had no fear, she fell several times but jumped right up and kept going. Jenna was a little slower, but still had a great time.

The kids had so much fun that we went back over the next day for round two. It was getting warm out so the ice was a little soft but it made it easy for Jenna to skate on her own.

Jenna and Brooklyn building a snowman.

Thanks Dipzinski's for inviting us over we had so much fun. We can't wait until next year. The girls will be skating fools next year.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Busy Day

Taylor had another basketball game this afternoon. Nice shot Tay, you can barely see her behind all the kids.

Getting set for another shot.

Taylor and Chloe on the bench.

Good Game Little Celtics!

After her game we went over to the Dipzinski's to try a little ice skating. Taylor did great! She had a lot of falls but was not scared at all. She popped right up and kept going. She was the last one to take her skates off, and then she even helped Jared re-groom the ice when we were done. She even asked if she could stay the night and skate again tomorrow!!! So, I guess we'll be headed back tomorrow. Too bad we didn't know how much she liked to skate and now winter is almost over and the ice will soon be melting.