Thursday, July 24, 2008

Water Park

Another outing with the O'mara boys. We went to the water park in Lapeer and the kids had a great time.
This was a fun ride on the alligator until Taylor fell of and went under water, after that she was very timid. Jenna had a great time crawling around in the water.

After a while they got bored and thought the fence was fun!!
Blake was the best, he ran around and played he whole time. Overall it was a fun trip and we can't wait to go again.


Lash night we went to the parade in Davison for the festival of flags. Of course we started with dinner at Tony and Rachelle's, since they have the best location. Here is Tay on her favorite tire swing. All these girls. The Woolman's and Beamers. They didn't sit very long so Autmn and Aubrey are missing.
Taylor and Grace enjoyed watching the parade so much we had to tell them when the candy was thrown right at them!!!
Jenna even enjoyed a little parade action. Well she was really just eating the rest of Lydia snacks!
And Aubrey was so good she got a sucker. Maybe her first one.... or was that last years parade?
I almost forgot. The best part of the parade was watching Andrea drive the Rainbow bus!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Boat Trip 08

Last week we took our 2nd Lake Cumberland house boat trip with 20 of our closest friends. We had such a great time doing nothing but relaxing, laying in the sun, eating, and of course a little drinking! Here is the first picture when we first got into the state park and all met up before our boat was ready. (Sorry Rachel)!
Here are a few of the guys! What a great background.
Tammi and I showing off our new shirts.

Tim and Jaime. I can't believe the next time we see them we will meet the newest baby Woolman!! We are so excited. It was really great to see them and spend some time just visiting not rushing around and having to share them with other family. And finally here is the whole crew. One last group shot before we all head our own ways home!! Can't wait until next trip!

Best Friends

This is a really late post. But here is Taylor's first trip to the water park with her class! Sara was so nice to take my camera and get a few pictures of Tay. Taylor's first bus ride. She might have been just as excited if not more excited about the bus ride than the water park alone.
And of course Taylor and Emma are inseparable when they are at school. Well really they are always talking about each other even when they are apart. (Like on vacation!)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Dogs and Babies

Alright, Let me start by saying that dogs and kids are not much different. They both eat a lot, drool, and get into things that they shouldn't. So even more to the story is last weekend I worked all weekend and here is a picture Jenna having a great time while home with daddy. (He says he only went to the bathroom for a minute and he left Taylor in charge!) Now here are the dogs all posed nicely for a picture. We are trying to make a huge decision about whether or not to get rid of Max. Well that sounded terrible. We are thinking about looking for a new home for him. One where he will be happier (can be inside all day, on the furniture and drool where ever he wants). We are really sad.... Though it may be better for both of us. Who knows what will happen because we have been contemplating this for a while now.

Don't they look so innocent and nice!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July

We took a family trip to Mackinac for the 4th this year. Actually we started Thursday night by stopping by Higgins Lake to visit our friends Tony and Rachelle and say good bye and good luck to Kimmie!! Here is our fam in front of the bridge.
Jenna 's first time in Lake Huron. Poor Jenna didn't have a very good time celebrating because she wasn't feeling very well. Little sassy Taylor. She could play out here all day.
Next we stopped by Tawas to visit Granny and Papa at the boat. Even not feeling well Jenna was playing in the sand.
Taylor had a great time. Her friend Payton was there as well. They were so busy playing Tay hardly even wanted to come tell her mom and dad bye. She was a big girl and was going to spend the night on the boat with Granny and Papa.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pool Fun

It was another fun day at Granny and Papa's pool. Grace and Taylor are little fishes these days. At least they are when they are not taking off their swimmies and getting in the pool.
This is Taylor under water. She has now learned how to hold her breath. Both girls think it is fun to go under, but can't quite get up the nerve to jump in. If you ask Taylor and she will tell you how she doesn't like to swim with dad because he threw her in, off the diving board. Well Uncle Jeff caught her, but not until she went in quite far for her.

This makes it look like Grace really jumped in.... Really they kinda just fall in off the steps. But it looks good.
After their swim the girls enjoyed a nice picnic lunch.
Here is my baby Jenna. Still smiling after a rough week. Teething, diaper rash, and diarrhea.
Once we got home Tay crashed right out for a quick nap before they headed off to Grandpa and Grandma's for a couple days.