Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Taylor started playing Upwards basketball this winter and she had her first game Saturday. We had so much fun. They get to run out on the court through a lit up smoke tunnel to start the game. Each child is introduced individually.
Taylor is number 11. Guarding her opponent.

Getting a little sassy towards the end of the game.

She did really good for her first game. She really got into it, even made a few baskets. Occasionally we even caught her skipping down the court! :)
Brad is coaching and has a very nice team. He and Tay are having a great time together.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Our First Ski Trip

This past weekend Brad and I took Taylor up to Tree Tops for our first ski trip. Taylor and I have never been skiing and Brad only has once. So we joined Uncle Denny and Aunt Karen for the firefighters weekend.

Here is Taylor before her class, all dressed up!
And here I am just starting out. I took a one hour class to learn some basics. I was a good thing. I learned how to turn, how to stop and how to use both the tow rope and the chair lift. I only fell once! And I don't think it was really my fault. I had only been on ski's for about 15mins with one quick run down the bunny hill and then I had to get off the chair lift and at the top was a huge group of people and I had no were to go! But, I am paying for it because my leg still hurts! But after that I did much better. Still only went down one hill, but several times off the chair lift with no more falls! I am still nervous but I can't wait to try again.

Taylor learned pretty quick. By the end of class she was taking the tow rope to the top and coming down by herself. She doesn't turn much, pretty much comes straight down, but she can stop. They said she wasn't quite ready for the chair lift yet, maybe next time. I wish I was better so I could help her.

Tay during her class, with her instructor Joann.

She did have few falls too! I think the first thing they teach the kids is how to get up.

Mom and Tay fixing gloves so we can go down together.

After our ski lessons we went back to our room for some lunch, and a nap for most of us. Except Taylor, she hung out with Kelsey and made her look at all 300 pictures on our camera.

We also had a few trips down to the indoor/outdoor pool. Taylor thought this was pretty cool.


Later in the afternoon we went to the tubing hill. Here we are getting ready to go.

Getting the tubes hooked together.

Taylor and Denny waiting for us to come us the tow line. Taylor loved tubing, she could have done it all day.

Brad, Bailey and I coming up the tow line!

Here we go again.

Jeez, we really did a lot in one day. Looking back at the pictures I felt like the day went on forever. After tubing we stopped by the jumps to watch Kris and Josh do some tricks, and falls!

WOW, what a fun weekend. We were a little sad to leave Jenna at home, but she spent the weekend sledding and riding the snowmobile with Papa. Maybe next time she can learn too.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Wedding Bash!

This year along with Tim & Rachel, Mike & Jill we hosted our first New Years Party. We rented out the hall at Copper Ridge Golf Course and had 93 guests. The theme was a wedding recepton, and we had seven or eight of us in our weddigs dresses!!!!!!

Our tables were decorated with several party favors. The cake!

Me and Rachel
Bryan, Sarah and Donna

Me and my brother

Rachel, Erika and me!This Christmas tree was right inside the door, so we got almost everyone's pics when they came in!

Jeff and Erika.
Dianne and Gary
Mom and Jeff

Me and my mom. Happy New Year!

We had such a great time, already talking about next year!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
We had a very busy yet fun Christmas vacation. I can't believe that we are back to school tomorrow!A look before the mess. Drake make him self right at home, makes it look like we got a new dog for Christmas.

Jenna showing off her new Zhu Zhu pets. She made me wait to take the picture until they were posed.
Taylor showing her new comfy outfit.

Yeah Presents!!!

Taylor got a Tiger tree face from Dad!

Jenna got Thomas the Train.

The new basketball playing Taylor got a pistons Jersey.

After we had a nice relaxing morning at home we went over to Granny and Papa's house for some sledding/ snowmobiling and more Christmas celebration.

Jenna getting ready for a ride with Papa.

Aunt Jaime and Kirsten, after destroying her tights during her nap.

Taylor with her pile of presents!
Thanks to everyone for all of the wonderful gifts!

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve at Mimi and Papa's house.
Jenna Bean and Daddy Aunt Donna, Taylor and Uncle Bryan.

Jenna in her pretty pink dress from Aunt Peggy. Taylor in pink!

Thank you Mimi and Papa for all of our great gifts!

Lance Christmas Party

Every year on December 23rd the Lance family gets together to celebrate the family Christmas and Great Granny's birthday. This year after the party we were able to bring Kirsten home for a sleep over and the girls had a great time! We were so happy to spend some time with her over the holidays.
Our family with Santa!
Erika, Grace, Lance and Jeff with Santa. Jenna finally decided to start loving on Santa by the end of the visit. This is definitely a first for her.
Tay and Santa

Kirsten and Santa Jenna getting her gift from Santa

And Rudolph!