Saturday, September 11, 2010


Taylor had her first soccer game today, and she had so much fun! Here she is looking super cute in her uniform. A little instruction from Aunt Erika before the game.

A quick pep talk before the game starts.

Jenna watching Tay's game.

At first she acted a little nervous to get in the game.

But then she got right into it.

She even got dad's 'number' so she can be number 3 just like him.

Grace and Taylor both had a ball. They were running with smiles on their faces the whole game.

Grace watch the ball not us silly!

We all really had a good time at their first game. The weather was perfect, though it started raining as soon as we got in the car to leave. We are going to hope for another great game tomorrow!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day, School and Cool New Skirts!

For our last weekend of summer break we went up to Mackinaw City and spent the weekend with my mom and brother. It was cool weather, but we still had a fun time together.
Brad and Jenna down by the water looking out to the bridge. Jenna was bummed she couldn't see the bridge lit up all day long.
My big 1st Grader! She was so excited and had a great 1st day at her new school, Gates Elementary.

When she got home she was talking a mile a minute(whats new really)... mostly about the food in the cafeteria! But she also said the math was really easy!

And tomorrow is picture day so we tried on our cool new skirts from Rachie. I LOVE them, you need to check them out. Made by Robin at