Monday, May 25, 2009

Burton Memorial Day Parade

Today we went to the parade in Burton, we met Jenni and Grace Beamer there. Here are a few pictures of my festive girls!
Jenna thought she had to eat every piece of candy that she got.

Memorial Camping Trip

We took our camper for our first trip this weekend. We went to Groveland Oaks campground. We had a great time and can't wait to go back for more. Taylor and Bryce are trouble for sure. Taylor was so excited to get some ice cream from the ice cream truck..she even got it twice one day (and Brad says that she doesn't have him wrapped around his little finger)!
It is hard to see because of the campfire smoke, but Blake chose a nice blue ice cream and it stained his face for a while!

More pics of the trouble makers!

Brad relaxing in the shade. And sorry Tim and Rachel that he ate the entire bag of trail mix!!

Tay having some snuggle time with Rachie. It was hard to sneak time in because Jenna is becoming quite the Rachie hog.
Saturday night the campground had pony rides and bounce house toys for the kids!
Jenna and her first pony ride! Jenna even made it through the bounce house.... but she held up the line a little bit. The workers were nice enough to let Tay, Bryce and Jen go together.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Family Fun

Taylor and her buddy Zach had a great time playing together in the ocean! Taylor and her sandcastle. We spent a lot of time out on the ocean! We had beautiful weather!

And we were covered in sand most of the time.
Jenna didn't really like the water. But she still had a great time playing in sand and chasing seagulls!

Brad and I had a date night out (with mom and Jeff), with no kids before he had to leave :( We ate out on the balcony over looking the intercostal.

This picture was on our balcony at the condo. We listened to the waves every night and got to sit outside and sip coffee and watch the sunrise over the ocean. Yeah, my kids were up early enough to watch the sunrise a few mornings!

Here are a few more wedding pics. Me and Bryan. The newlywed. Welcome to the family Donna. Pretty little flower girl, Taylor.
Momma and Jen. Jenna was a little whiny until we got to the reception, then she was terrin it up on the dance floor.

Daddy and Jen.

Congrats Bryan and Donna

My baby brother got married this last weekend in Wilmington, NC. Here are a few shots from the wedding.

Some guy was walking his dog and he (the dog) came over for a few crazy shots with the guys!

The Bridesmaids Bryan and Donna arranged for a trolley to take us from the church to the reception and on the way stopped for a few pictures in downtown Wilmington.

We had a great time at the wedding. What a beautiful location, the food was great and it made a fun family vacation!!