Sunday, August 31, 2008

More Engagement Pictures

Here are a few more of the pictures that I took of Bryan and Donna yesterday at their 'Engagement Shoot'!!!

Congrats Tim and Jaime

Early this morning we welcomed baby.......
Kirsten Marie
to the Woolman family.
She was born at 3:123am weighing 7lbs 8oz and was 20 3/4inches.
Everyone is doing great and we can't wait to meet her!!!
I will post pictures as soon as I get to see some.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


As you can see here are some video updates on the girls.

Big Girls

This week was Taylor's first time riding her 4-wheeler that she got for her birthday last year from uncle Timmy! She is doing such a good job. She uses her whole hand to push the throttle and can't reach the brake yet, but dad carries the kill switch and follows close by. Tonight she decided to ride through the mud, and make a big mess of the 4-wheeler and her new white shirt! Then she cleaned her ride!

Jenna had her first ride with daddy tonight too. Last year she was only 4 weeks old when sister got her present.
Jen Jen has gotten so big this week. Finally walking!!! So here she is walking and playing and trying to ride bikes with big sissy.


Sooooo many picturess to share

We have spent the past four days vacationing in Mackinac with our favorite friends the O'mara's. We had some ruff times, bad weather, bad kids.... but overall we had a great time. Thursday when we got there the weather was great. Rachel and I took the kids to see the bridge up close, play at the park and walk around town.
Friday was rainy. We were on our way to the beach when it started to rain and storm, instead we wnet shopping at walmart. Eventually though, it got nice and the kids were able to play outside after dinner and enjoy some ice cream!

Saturday was again rainy, but it didn't start out that way. We got all packed up and were even on the rode to catch a ferry to the island and it started storming. Thank goodness we weren't stuck on the island for the storm with no where to go. Instead the kids watched a movie and the adults played cards..... for about 3 hours!!
Did I mention it was 10 or 11am and it looked like it was night time! But we eventually made it over the the island Saturday and spent several hours there walking, having dinner, and taking a carriage ride. It turned out to be a great afternoon. Now we have several more ideas of what we want to do next year.

Brad and Tay on the ferry. What a cute bunch of kids. I love this picture!
Our best friends the O'mara family.

A nice picture of Rachel and I. I left out the ones of us playing on the playground with the kids. And so you know that my hands still hurt from the monkey bars!
Brad and I. I think there was suppose to be a bridge somewhere in the back ground.

All the kids waiting for the ferry home. They were so worried that it was not going to come back and get us!

Michigan Adventure

Last Wednesday I took Taylor to Michigan Adventure for the first time. It was a long day... we left home at 8:30 am and did not get home until almost midnight. It was a little ruff beginning for Tay, she was tired by the time we got there. But after she warmed up we played in the water park for about 4 hours or so and then we hit the rides for another 4hours. Unfortunately I didn't get the camera out until the end. Taylor and I joined 30 other 'work friends' as Taylor calls them. Overall Taylor rode about 10 rides even one little roller coaster, and I didn't even get to see it. I had left to go ride one myself. Taylor made some new friends Megan and Jenna. She is already asking when she gets to see them again!!! (They are 9 and 14, Stacy's daughters) It was fun and exhausting. Can't wait until next year.
I was a little slow with the camera. Taylor had to ride with Jenna on her lap because she was too small. There were several rides that she couldn't get on yet... at the rate she's growing she'll be 8! It was funny, on the last ride, all of the kids that we met there ended up on the same ride and we didn't even realize it until they were getting on. Even though they were all tired they still enjoyed the last ride.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Few More

Here are a few family pics!

Conrgats Dan and Kaelyn

Okay, Lots more pictures~
Saturday night Dan and Kaelyn got married. Yeah, they are so cute. And I got a lot of good pics of the family.
Here is Bailey, Kelly, Nick, Mike, Nancy and I
Me and Kris
Me and Josh Bailey, Me and Annette

Mom and Jeff Annette and Jen

Oh yeah, Kaelyn and Dan!! Me, Dad, Nancy and Donna
Me, Uncle Denny and the bride, Kaelyn
It was a great night. The girls came for a while and then went home with Mimi so mom and dad could have fun. And we did. We were one of the last ones there!! I spent some great time with Annette and Bailey. The only Miller girls. What a great night with the Miller's.

Congrats Bryan and Donna

Okay, more practice with the new camera. I have determined that I want a new lens and some other accessories. So anyway, Congrats to Bryan and Donna. We will be celebrating their wedding next May in Wilmington, NC.

Photo Op

So I was trying to play with the camera that I bought, and never have time to figure out how to use properly!! Taylor has a short attention span and Jenna really wants nothing to do with pictures!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Jenna Raye

Okay, here is round one of Jenna's birthday celebration. On Sunday we had our parents over to have a nice relaxing get together with Jenna. Here is her first cake, well whole cake at least. The first thing she did was try to throw it off the tray. (That seems to be her new trick lately. Throwing everything.) Jenna was so happy to get her new shopping cart, but Taylor was just a happy. Jenna got so many great gifts. Thank you everyone.

Taylor had time for one quick pose between opening all of Jen Jen's presents.
Taylor and Grandpa being silly as always.
Grandma and Jen in one of the rare moments she wasn't clinging to me!
Okay and here is round two tonight. Tonight for her birthday she had a whole ice cream sandwich. She did very well, she didn't want to waist any and I caught her licking her hands when it was gone to make sure she had it all. We had another cake for her to destroy, but it was a mess. Hot and sunny one minute and raining the next, so we just stuck with the ice cream.Here is the crew that we entertained tonight. It was warm so everyone had their suits on and played in the sprinkler and kiddie pool. I just love this... there are three different groups of kids and none of them are paying attention to the other, and poor Jenna is screaming in front!!
Another shot of the monsters. They are all trying to get drinks from the sprinkler. We tried again to get them all in a row.. yeah right.
My favorite is all their tongues sticking out trying to drink. I love this one of Aubrey!