Sunday, January 31, 2010

Basement Project

Yeah, We are finally done with our big project. We started the weekend after Christmas and we are done, well mostly. Still a few finishing touches to be done. But here are our pictures of our work.
1) Big nasty, dark, dirty basement. Framing done. Tons of electrical work cleaned up (Thanks Dad for all your time)

2) Drywall up.

3) After finishing drywall and several days of painting. Doors are up and carpet is being installed. (Thanks Gary/Papa and Jeff)
And just a little P.S. I am tired of painting. My wonderful dad made all our trim, but I had to prime and paint it!
4) Tada. We are done. The kids have a great playroom. We have great storage areas all cleaned up and organized. Best of all we have our family room back!
Its seems like a lot of work for one main room. But we have a huge closet, a neat storage area and I have a laundry room!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mr. Max is 3 months old

So cute. I can't believe Max is 3 months old already. And he was so good for his pictures there are tons of great shots!