Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Taylor's Birthday

Taylor had several Birthday celebrations. First we had a grandparent party at Mimi's. Mimi had a beautiful Tinkerbell party on the deck overlooking the river. And Aunt Donna made her a cool Princess cake. Birthday girl! Five years old!

Ooops, Jenna was caught sticking her hand in the cake, well frosting actually.

Taylor and her new American Girl Doll, and her Hannah Montana purse.

After that Sunday she went to school on Monday (her actual B-Day) and I went to her class and brought cookies. She was so excited to be parent drop off and parent pick up on her B-day! Later that night Grandpa and Grandma Miller came over for dinner and brought more gifts. And then the following Sat we had a bowling party with her friends.
Here is one of her little flower cupcake- cakes!

Bowling Queen. She wasn't too bad, when she used a ball she could pick up!

She even picked up a spare!

All the tired kids after some pizza, cupcakes and bowling fun!

Thank you so much to everyone for all the great gifts and Birthday wishes!

July Wedding

Congrats J.J. and Heather. We had a wonderful time in Ludington celebrating on your special day!

Erika and I, pre-reception celebration!

The Woolman Family

Jeff and Erika Me and Brad. It was a beautiful beach wedding. We don't even have shoes on!

What a nice ceremony overlooking Lake Michigan. They couldn't have had better weather. We couldn't have had more fun.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Taylor's first day of Kindergarden

Getting ready for her first day of school we headed out to the mall to get a few things and Taylor's ears pierced~ A few tears later we are done.

Good thing we brought some of our best friends to cheer us up and wipe our tears!

Jenna came long for the ride to. We were going to do hers, but who new it was so expensive to get ears pierced these days.

School day... typical Taylor morning. Here we are in our first outfit of the day.

But our skirt was too big so we tried on jeans.

But no one else was going to wear jeans so here is our final decision!

Big girl became a Thomson Teddy today!

Sitting at her desk.

Overall Taylor did great. The real test will be tomorrow when she rides the bus and is there for a full day. And then Thursday another change, she will ride the bus from home. So it might take a few days to organize our schedules, but I know time is going to fly and before I know it the year will be over.

Fun in Tenessee

This past weekend we ventured out to TN to visit the family. We took the 8 hour drive with our friends the Lear. We rode in their motor home and pulled our pop-up behind. (Somehow I missed a picture of this!)
Taylor got to visit with her Unlce Timmy, whom she did not want to leave. I told her today that he called today to see how her first day of school went and she was so glad to hear that he missed her as much as she misses him!
The Lear's. Hangin out on the back of the boat. Taylor and baby Kirsten. Both kids where so excited to see their littlest cousin. We were too, we miss her so much.
Kirsten is not so sure about her cousins!

Jenna and Kirsten, pretty soon you wont even notice the year between them.

Taylor driving uncle Timmy's new boat.

Jenna had a couple long days on the boat!

Jenna takin a ride with uncle Tim. Jen loved the Jet Ski

Elizabeth, Jenna and Tay tubing. I can't believe that I let Jen go, because after that I went with Tay and there were times that I though we might get thrown out and in the end we did!!

Daddy and Jen.