Thursday, June 25, 2009

A little late....

These are a little late, but here are a few pictures from Taylor's preschool graduation. The time just seems to get away, you never seem to realize how fast they grow up. I didn't think it bothered me to see them get older until this night. Sitting in my seat watching Tay on stage signing with her friends and going through her folder and seeing all the things she has done and learned this past year....

Tay and Jen walking back to the truck after a big night! The girls and their girlfriends from school.

Taylor and her best friends Brianna and Emma.
Taylor has made several new friends this year, and I can't believe she is off to Kindergarten in the fall....

Friday, June 19, 2009

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Visit with Kirsten

Last weekend Tim, Jaime and Kirsten showed up for a surprise visit, and we all met up at Jeff and Erika's for a cook out. Taylor loved baby Kirsten. She wanted to carry her all over the place, but Kirsten was not as used to that as Jenna and was over it quickly. Erika with Kirsten. We all tried to get a quick fix with Kirsten over such a short time. We missed her so much, since we haven't seen her since Christmas. She has gotten so big.
All the Woolman kids! Poor Lance surrounded by all the girls.

Potter Park

Last weekend we went to visit Great Grandma Miller and then met Grandma and Grandpa and spent the day at the Potter Park Zoo. Both of the girls went to pet the goats...
Outside the reptile house. Taylor is showing of her marker. It was bird day and each person got a tag showing how they mark all their birds.

The best part was watching the baby chicks hatch and then we got to hold one.