Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First day of School

The first day of school was a success.  For Taylor it was difficult to decide what to wear. I had been trying to explain to Taylor why we didn't get to wear all our new clothes before school started.  But she didn't listen and now on the first day of school she had nothing new and cute to wear! When she was finally ready for school she asked, "Do I still have to be cute on the second day of school?".
 Jenna is way more girly and looked super cute in her new butterfly dress.  She tries to say that she doesn't like school, but she hopped right out of bed and was ready to go.  Her only concern with moving to a new building is making sure that she knew were the bathrooms were.
 Notice Taylor is barefoot... because she is such a neat and organized kid she couldn't find the shoes she wanted to wear and was cutting it close to making it to the bus on time!
 Jenna just enjoyed modeling for pictures.
 Taylor was excited to show Jenna around at school.

I had a great day as well.  I took the day off so I could get the girls off to school and pick them up.  Once they got on the bus I went for a nice cool morning run.  I did go into work for a short time, but then I came home and was able to clean and organize my room (my new furniture was delivered).  I made a nice dinner (and I do not like to cook!), and then I picked the girls up from school.  Now I wish I could do that everyday!

 They both came home with stories about their classrooms, teachers, and classmates.  Overall, they both had a great day.
We ended the first day of school with a soccer scrimmage.  They girls did great and they were all super excited to get their new soccer bags and warm-ups.  

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